Mediplast Fenno

Mediplast Fenno is one of the leading distribution companies in the medical business in Finland.
Our wide product range covers all the way from disposables of operation theatre and cardiovascular products to medical supplies and devices. Several of our suppliers are leading companies in their field globally.

In our business philosophy we strongly concentrate on building up an added value for our customers and partners/suppliers. This is mainly done by focusing on a high degree of motivation among our whole staff. The commitment of our people to goals and targets is the most important thing in success.

Mediplast Fenno employs around 25 persons and has today  a yearly turnover of around 14 million EUR. Our corporate head office is located in Vantaa, near Helsinki Airport. 

Mediplast is a leading Nordic supplier of Medtech products. Mediplast is a Swedish company operating in both proprietary products and distributed products, with subsidiaries in all Nordic countries and three production facilities (Denmark, Finland and Italy) . Mediplast head office is located in Malmö, Sweden. Our revenues is approx. 700 MSEK. 

Mediplast Fenno operates as an independent subsidiary of Swedish Mediplast Ab
and is a part of AddLife Group, which is listed on the Stockholm NASDAQ OMX.